Grow and Enjoy Luscious, Healthy Organic Carrots

Published on: Tuesday 8 August 2017
Grow and Enjoy Luscious, Healthy Organic Carrots

Remember the time when your mother used to advise you to consume carrots instead of that bag of potato chips, which was high on calories and low on good nutrition, saying that carrots are good for your eyesight? But you used to counter her saying that munching those red sticks was like consuming a plateful of chemicals considering the synthetic fertilizers that were used way back. With health concerns taking precedence, the new mantra for gardening these days is to grow organic vegetables and carrots too fall into this category.

For a health freak, there is nothing as tempting as a plateful of freshly harvested carrots, right from his backyard. And oh, what joy!!! if he can really cultivate them as most others of his ilk are doing these days. Indeed carrot farming can be a really profitable venture for you in more than one ways if you have a place and a will to grow them. Even if you are hard pressed for space, you can nowadays raise carrots in containers. All you require is to arm yourself with the right knowledge for throwing yourself wholeheartedly in this endeavor.

Here is what you need to do to grow organic carrots right in your home garden. As you may be aware, organic farming calls for using compost and fertilizers that are based on organic matter that decomposes gradually thereby imparting health to your plants. Growing organic carrots too calls for using this stuff besides a few other important things. To begin with, directly sow your carrot seeds into loose soil, as this what is basically required to grow cultivate a good crop of carrots.

Experts advise sowing the carrot seeds at least three weeks before the date of previous spring frost. Add organic compost to the soil while planting seeds. Seeds should be virtually left on top of the soil, but gardeners must ensure that these are moist. Adding mulch helps the germinated seeds to retain adequate moisture. Thinning the seeds in accordance with the directions given on the pack helps if planting has been undertaken thickly.

Keep the soil moist, nourish the crop with mulch and fish emulsion while they grow. Protect them from pests. Soon you will have a garden full of organic carrots to munch on, just as your mother desired. Grow organic vegetables, particularly carrots, feed on them and lead a long, healthy and happy life.

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