Namaste Indian Restraurant in Brussels

Published on: Wednesday 16 August 2017
Namaste Indian Restraurant in Brussels

Namaste Indian Restaurant is located in a city that is becoming increasingly populated with the Indian culture. One would think that there should be an abundance of traditional, home-style Indian cuisine. Unfortunately, in Brussels this is not the case. Most of the Indian restaurants have incorporated an overly heavy taste and style to their food. In many situations the food will leave you feeling weighed down while lifting a tremendous load off of your wallet. Thankfully, Brussels is home to the one truly fabulous, home-style Indian restaurant that has the traditional taste of home without the exuberant price of other quality restaurants. Namaste Indian Restaurant is a family owned and operated restaurant that specializes in traditional Indian cuisine that has the real taste of home.

Namaste Indian Restaurant understands the need for authentic Indian fare. With years of experience in Indian catering and Indian food service, the owners of Namaste Indian Restaurant are skillful at making superior Indian food. The quality, effort, and taste that this restaurant provides are unmatched! The finest vegetables are used to create the flavorful experience of the Indian culture. The food you find at Namaste Indian Restaurant is exactly like the food cooked in the homes of India. Lacking heavy creams, starches and other high calorie ingredients. Our recipes are ideal for those who are health conscious. Using only olive oil, yogurts, authentic Indian spices and other fresh ingredients allows the food to remain nourishing, light and filling. This is a great alternative to average dinning out menu.

With a wide selection of food including parathas, design your own thalis, kathi rolls, chat (popular Indian street food), salads and fresh breads as well as tapas style meal portions there is a choice for everyone. There menu is full of meals for those who are vegetarian, vegan, or just plain hungry. It would be imposable to go home unfed. Many people enjoy eating at Namaste Indian Restaurant on a daily basis. Travelers, students, families and a variety of other people are frequently guests that take pleasure in the wonderful flavors this restaurant has to offer. Namaste Indian Restaurant also has a heavy following with those in the Indian community. Desiring the true taste of home, Indian families, students, and travelers take comfort in their food.

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