Broccoli Sprouts is Good For You

Published on: Thursday 13 July 2017
Broccoli Sprouts is Good For You

Broccoli is a familiar and popular kind of vegetable. It is nutritious and delicious. There are many ways to eat broccoli. It can be eaten raw with a dip, tossed into a stir fry or steamed and served with a pat of butter. But what if you eat broccoli too often and want an alternative which is as good as broccoli? Here come broccoli sprouts - as delicious and nutritious, and can be eaten in many ways as well.

Broccoli sprouts contain all of the same nutrients as the traditional heads of broccoli we are all accustomed to. They are tasty and can be added to a sandwich or a salad. Interestingly, you can grow broccoli sprouts on your own even if you don’t have a large vegetable garden, and enjoy homegrown broccoli sprouts to your heart's content. Or you can find broccoli sprouts, normally near the broccoli, in most supermarkets. Good broccoli sprouts should crunchy and firm, and they are best when they are fresh.

It is easy to coax children to try broccoli sprouts. If broccoli is their favorite, tell them that broccoli sprouts are just another form of broccoli (as most people will eat familiar food).If they do not like broccoli, just ignore that fact, and tell them that you have come across a very good and delicious vegetable.

An effective way to introduce broccoli sprouts is to add them to familiar dishes such as beef stir fry or chicken chow mien or salad.

Salads are family favorites and often contain many assorted vegetables including tomatoes, carrots and radishes. Throwing in a few broccoli sprouts will only add to the crispness and flavor of the salad.
However, some people just don't like broccoli and shy away from eating another food that is related to the vegetable. Then, it is important to note that the flavor of the broccoli sprouts is different than the flavor of broccoli. It’s impossible to know whether or not you’ll like the sprouts unless you taste them.

So experiment with broccoli sprouts and create some dishes of your own.

You'll find that broccoli sprouts are an inexpensive way to add a nutritional food to your menu.

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