Deep Sea Fish Oil is Healthy for Humans

Published on: Friday 21 July 2017
Deep Sea Fish Oil is Healthy for Humans

Fishes are found in fresh water as well as in sea. Sea fishes that live at a depth where sunlight can not penetrate are called deep sea fishes. These fishes are found at a depth of around 600 m or more. In some cases they are found at a depth of 2700 m. Sea water is not clear as fresh water due to various types of dissolved salts, sediments and unicellular floating organisms called planktons. These substances hinder the sunlight from entering much deeper into the sea. The depth till which light can enter are called photic zone and those below it are called aphotic zone. Deep sea fishes are found in aphotic zones.

Deep sea fishes generally have large mouth, most of them are large sized and have bioluminescent properties. Since no light is available at the depth they live, no photosynthetic organisms are found there. So for food they depend on dead and decomposed organic matter dropping from the photic areas. Thus these fishes are saprotrophic in nature. In these deep sea fishes oils are available in plenty.

Liver is the main source of oil. So by extracting the liver of the deep sea fishes fish oil supplements can be obtained. Sharks, Skates Salmon and Rays are major sources of deep sea fish oils. Deep sea fish oil has an array of benefits. They have a positive effect on our immune systems, they help to reduce heart ailments and also nourishes the brain. Deep sea fish oils are natural sources of biologically active components. Omega-3-fatty acids, namely Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are found in deep sea fish oils in large quantities. These fatty acids found in deep sea fish oil have a number of health enhancing properties.

Regular intake of EPA fish oil reduce concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides of blood plasma and thus improve circulation. The risk for heart diseases can be reduced by regularly consuming deep sea fish oils. DHA is effective in skin disorders, relieves inflammatory conditions, aids brain development and also form a good part of the retina of the eye.Scientists from Harvard Medical School have found that regular intake of deep sea fish oil s reduce death from coronary artery diseases by 26%.

Oils from deep sea fishes are extracted under strict supervision to maintain its inherent qualities. They are available in capsule form under various brand names. Regular intake of capsules with fish oil supplements will obviously improve one's health conditions by increasing the capability to fight diseases, boosting immunity and reducing muscular degeneration.

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