Advantages and Disadvantages of developing your Domain Portfolio

Published on: Thursday 8 June 2017

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As a domain investor, your primary business involves the buying and selling of valuable domains. Domain investors do not generally have the expertise, or the inclination to develop their domains. Nor do they feel that the time and money spent on developing a massive portfolio of domains is a sound financial investment.

This idea of merely buying an investment domain and at least earning an acceptable amount from direct traffic via a parking page is one of the past. Parking revenue is manipulated by the big players in the market, and domain investors are the victims. Revenue from parking has fallen so much that the only sensible thing left for domain investors to do is to actually develop their domain portfolio into a portfolio of decent, ever updating websites.

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of developing your domain portfolio.

Disadvantages of Developing a Domain:

Increased Costs: Costs involved in developing a website varies greatly depending on how well you want to develop your domain. Basic costs involve hosting, development, management, content addition, and more.

Increased Time Consumption: Developing websites can be rather time consuming, especially if you do not have the needed experience and knowledge. Time consumption increases almost exponentially the larger the amount of domains you develop, leaving you detached from your real purpose domain investments.

Basic to Advanced Web Development and SEO Knowledge Needed: Developing a domain into a proper website does not involve merely designing a one-page html site. Website development involves a large number of very specific aspects to consider and manage from search engine optimization to advertisement placement testing to hosting issues such as database optimization. Angel Webs Ludhiana is just what you need for all these purposes to develop a healthy and eye catching website.

Advantages of Developing a Domain:

Search Engine Index able Content: A fully developed website consists of index able content that can drive increasingly large numbers of readers to the website via the search engines.

Increased Traffic: Both organic and search engine traffic will increase as the website develops, giving you more options with regard to monetization.

Increased Ad Income: More traffic means more visitors clicking on ads, which also translates into higher bids for the ad spots on the website.

Increase in Back Links: More interesting and/or useful content very often means that people post links back to a site from their own sites, bookmarking sites, web2 sites, forums, and more.
Page Authority Increase: Over time, due to increased quality back links, content, and traffic, the page authority (PA) of websites tend to increase, giving them even better search rankings, and therefore more traffic.

Brand Development: A parking page is not only visually unattractive; it also totally lacks brand ability. After viewing a parked page, the reader will immediately not remember the domain and will certainly not type it into the address bar again. Quality websites, however, are much more memorable and can turn your domain into a household name.

Increased Value of Domain: Domain appraisals take into account a number of criteria with regard to the domain, like search engine results, CPC, the industry, traffic to the domain, back links, brand ability, and more. With so many factors that can be increased through developing a domain into a quality website, the value of the domain will increase dramatically.

Website for Sale: After developing a domain, you now have the option of marketing either the domain or the domain with the fully developed website, increasing the possibility of the sale.
So now you should be aware of the points why you should go for a Wordpress websites and Web Designing Company in Ludhiana is always happy to help you in this.