Learn Successful Seo in 5 Simple Steps

Published on: Monday 4 April 2016

Search Engine Optimization is the process which Is opted after creating a website and then one would like to get it ranked in Google for some specific keywords. There is nothing achieved by creating a healthy website untill you have shared it with others and Google search is the best way to share your web content with niche users. SEO is just the same method to get your website ranked in serps so that it can get you more business and more exposure. In  this post I will tell you how you can learn Successful SEO in simple 5 steps.

1. Determine your Goal

The first step is to determine that what are you looking to get from your website. If it is a commercial website then you might be looking for more business leads from it and then you will have to think about how you are going to do this. If you are running a weblog from which you are willing to get more visitors then you will have to think about that. Everything start with an idea and a purpose. Firstly find determine that idea and that purpose before moving forward.

2. Meta Title and Description

One would require to use meta title and meta description in your blog or website. This thing is very important as search engines take them first and then go to the content of your website or blog. So if you are looking for more business leads then keep your title and description to attract the business leads and traffic too. Use your keyword in title and description but smartly.

3. Engagement

Engagement with other blog and website owners can lead to immense increase of traffic and business leads. Join groups and discussion forums of niche of your website or blog and add value to their website. In return you will get visitors and business leads from those websites. Don’t just join them, also create some value in their discussions and add authority to your profile link.

4. Link Building

Link building is the fact that can’t be ignored if you are looking to rank high on google. Building links can diffuclt at some times but more of the times it is the easiest part of seo. The difficult part is to find where you are going to get backlink from. Understand the thing that you might not create spammy links but the legit and high page rank links. Baclinks quantity doesn’t matter now but the quality is always matters the most. So create high page rank backlinks with the help of good quality content.

5. Socialize

Social media is the new face of SEO as it can generate extravagant traffic and business leads for you in no time. Just with a few posts sahring you can be getting what you have been looking for the months. Create social profiles on social sites and then allow their users to get benefit from your deals and information then you will see a sudden rise in your busi ness and traffic of your blog.

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