How to develop six pack abs in quick time

Published on: Wednesday 6 April 2016

Modern time is all about your personality not only internal but also external. It would not be wrong if I say that external personality is preferred before looking into the internal personality of a person. A good physique will always attract people towards itself and it makes the person confident about himself if he has a good and sound physical appearance. In this blog I will tell you how to develop six pack abs in quick time. Within a month or so you can have the six pack abs looks on your belly just like the film stars.

Here are some tips and exercises to do for getting six pack abs with minimum efforts in double quick time:

Exercise: This is the most important part of this journey as it starts from burning fat inside the body to get your muscles shaped well and look good. Some exercises are just the best for developing abs of belly. Some of the most useful exercises are Lying, straight leg raises on a bench which targets your lower abs, Elevated feet abs crunches that targets your upper abs and Lying twist that shapes the obliques.

Diet: The second most important part of this process is taking healthy and useful diet. Avoid the food that can create excessive fat in your body especially in your belly. Eat the food with more water in it that can help purify your body and also will help in throwing the burn fat out of your body. Avoid excessive intake of food and alcohol as it can lead to fatness of the body. Well you can follow the same way that I have followed. In first 10 days I have reduced my food intake to 1/4 of total and I am supposed to increase it to 1/2 of total in 11th to 20thday and then I will make it 3/4 of total food in 21st to 30thday. After that I will be on my regular diet. This will certainly help.

Drink Water: Water is the most important substance in our life. It is important to drink 6-8 glass of water daily for us to remain under the temperature. Drinking more water on those days on which you are doing work outs as it will help calm your inner body temperature increased due to burning fat inside the body and it will also bring that burn fat out of your body.

List of daily workouts to do:

Daily Running and Walking(30 minutes min.)
Yog and Stretching
Keep your posture good
Healthy food(Fruits and Vegetables)
Avoid any type of Medicines

You are up and running towards your goal to achieve six pack abs sooner within one month or so. Just remember one thing results are on your determination and hard work. So out your hard-work in these simple steps and you will see the positive results for yourselves.

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