Use Two Whatsapp Accounts or any app twice in One Phone

Published on: Sunday 10 April 2016

Today I have come with an extraordinary useful information for all of you. You might have seen on the web that you can use two whatsapp account in on phone but they all have just consumed your time and money. But it is not going to happen now. Now you can use not only Whatsapp’s two account in one phone but also can use any app with two different accounts in a single phone. No need to buy another phone to separate your business and personal social life. You can now manage all in a single phone.

OK not letting you wait any more here is what will definitely help you in sorting your business and private life altogether in a single mobile handset. This is app called Parallel that help you create a different space for custom accounts of a single app in your phone. You can easily download the app from play store. I only post the tested apps information in my blog and I have tested it on my Micromax A092 and I am sure it will work on any other android phone.

Just follow the following simple steps and you are done:

Open PlayStore
Search for “Parallel” (without quotes)
Download the app and run it
Choose the applications from menu(choose which app’s dual account you want to use)
Simply run the app using icon in parallel app
Login with new accounts
You are done

This is quite a nice app and what's best it is just 2.54 mb app that saves a lot memory of you device. It runs in primary source of your phone and uses the less ram. This can be used for keeping your personal life separate from your business life. You can manage your two different accounts in one phone. This app is really good one and it has sorted out many problems also saves the money.