Environment Safety Our Prime Duty

Published on: Thursday 7 May 2015
Environment Safety
Environment Safety

Environment safety must be our prime duty in modern time. Our environment has been getting polluted by our work places and our vehicles. The faster the economy is growing the fastest the pollution is increasing. Today where one side we are developing our status of living there on the other hand we are putting our health in danger by increasing the pollution with uncontrollable speed. Now many diseases have born due to extra pollution and our ignorance towards the health of Environment.

Many Skin diseases, breath related diseases and many more genetic problems are rising just because by the change in environment. It is proved that global warming is at its top level and if it is increased a bit from there then the snow on the mountains will melt and plain areas of the world will be covered by water. It will cause problems in human lives. It will put life in danger and can end the life from Earth.
Environment Safety

So if we are willing to live on the Earth and willing to save the life on Earth then we have to save our environment. It is a big task. Not a single person can do it by oneself but it has to be started by the one and if every person understands his duty towards the nature and care it then it can be done. It needs a team work but every single person can play a vital role in preserving nature from being destroyed.

Now the question is who and how will this be done. It is very easy to think but difficult to implement. Everyone should understand their duties towards preserving the nature and it will be done easily. But if a single person ignores his duties then it may cause problems to others who are willing to do an act to save the environment from pollution.

Our Prime Duty

Use your own head to determine that what you should do or what shouldn’t. The person who wants to give a naturally secured environment he will do everything to save nature from being polluted. It is not about us only it is also about the next generations which are still to come and if we want them to grow in every aspect then we have to provide them a safer nature.

Love Our Nature and Environment.

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