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Published on: Monday 8 December 2014
Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine is a tool with rotating effects by the sides of a work piece and removes the extra material from the work piece to give it proper desired shape. It is the oldest machine tool which is being used from years now. In starting years of Lathe Machines it was used to cut wooden pieces. As the industrial revolution came in sight the use of Lathe Machines was adopted to cut metal pieces to give those shapes according to the requirements of the business. The main part which cuts and shaped a work piece is generally controlled with a spindle that let it rotate according to the speed is set for rotating. Lathe Machine can be of various sizes and types according to the rotation speeds and position of the cutting tool.

Lathe Machine

Machines are very important in modern businesses as these are the main workers in the business. Machines can do the work of hours in seconds and one machine can replace many workers. So it is the cost friendly to the business but it decreases the employment ration in our country. Lathe Machine and Tools are required almost in every metal related manufacturing business as every machine or product doesn’t come in proper shape. It has to be shaped with various cutting tools including the lathe machine and tools. The proper use of these machines is required to get the desired looks and shapes of the wooden or metal work piece. It makes the work easier and time friendly by shaping the product in no time and with efficiency.


It is easy to get information about the work and specifications of a Lathe Machine online. But it is even easier to get Lathe Machine and Tools from Esskay Lathe Machine and Tools Pvt. Ltd. It is the India based Lathe Machine Manufacturing Company which manufactures the high quality machine and tools and sells those machine and tools to Indian industrial companies and also exports the machine tools outside India as well. The proper dealing is done with online marketing and also in case of any issue the personal meetings can be organized with no headaches at all. Buyer are assured about quality of the machines as we are ISO 9001-2000 Certified company. Esskay Machine Tools is getting the businesses close to each other.

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