Love You Maa

Published on: Tuesday 12 May 2015
Mom: A very short word but the most important personality of everyone’s life. Mother is all what a person needs, because who have Mom he/she has everything to achieve in the life. But who haven’t their Mom they have to suffer emotionally, mentally and in some cases even physically. Mom hugs you, kisses you, pampers you from the problems of the world and above of all she completes you. A child who has not his mother with him can be mentally paralyzed and no life to enjoy for such children. God can be seen in Mom, but Mom can’t be seen in anyone. I have looked for her everywhere but where I saw her she doesn’t think the same. Without Mom one can stand on his own but the pain is only known to them who have not the mothers or have lost them. It is quite different pain to both. One who has never seen a mother has the different pain and the one who has lost her has the different kind of pain. But those who have their mothers with them can never understand the pain. Even I can’t understand the pain because I am too lucky that I have many Moms. I can’t even count them on my fingers. They all don’t think that I am their child but I respect them all as my Mom. I love my Mom the most and also I love my all Mothers who are not genetically my Moms but I take them as my Mom. I respect all girls as my sister and my Mom, but the point is the generation in which I am born it is impossible to trust me. I am ok with it now as I know who I am and My God has made me like this. I love you my God.

Always Love your Mom and Respect Every Woman in The World.

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