Traffic Awareness-Driving Awareness

Published on: Wednesday 3 December 2014
Walking or Driving on road awareness is must. If you are aware about traffic rules then It can save thousands of lives daily. In India there are thousands of  people daily died because of road accidents. The causes of these accidents are lack of concentration while driving, drinking or may be sleepy. Nowadays everybody has limited time but they have to reach always on time. Then people forget about speed limits. Then hurrying become the cause of accident. People don't understand their lives are very important. Reaching late is better than compromising with your life. Many people use mobile phones while driving. Traffic rules are not followed by most. When you are breaking rules it means you are putting your life and others life which are on road in danger.

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Hurrying is the main reason of accidents. While we overtake someone that's when mostly accidents occur. We never check if someone is overtaking us from behind when we overtake someone from behind. Same we never check the vehicle in front of us whether is going to overtake the vehicle in-front of it. All this lead to accidents. Sometimes these accidents are so dangerous that it take many lives. So if you want to avoid such accidents just remember two things.....

 1. Do not overtake that vehicle which is trying to overtake someone  
 2. Always check no one is overtaking you before overtaking the vehicle in-front of you.

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Life is Very Important

Love Your Life 
We got life only once. Once its lost everything is lost. Sometimes we don't care about our life but we forget that there many lives which are joint with our life. Keeping aside the negative thoughts think when we are ill how our family members are affected with our pain. Think if we are not there with them how much pain they will bear everyday.

Love Your Life