Lathe Machine :- Types And Working Of Lathe Machine

Published on: Wednesday 16 July 2014

Lathe Machine Parts 
A lathe machine is a cylindrical shaped cutting machine tool which is used to cut the material. Lathe machine were developed in early 15th century. It is used for knurling, sanding,cutting,  drilling, or deformation, turning and  facing. It allows to  reshape, machine and manufacture various material like wood, plastics, metal and other material  in  cylindrical  shape.
Types of Lathes
1. Floor-Mounted Horizontal Turret Lathe:- It uses the collect chunk. Which is used for  quick turning of bar stock and chucked workpieces. It is capable where minimum adjustments are required.
2. Turret Lathes :- Turrent lathes are used where high-speed production of duplicate parts are required.
3. Floor-Mounted Engine Lathe:-The floor-mounted engine lathe usually has a power-operated crossfeed mechanism.
4. Toolroom Lathe:- It is more accurate than standard lathe machines. It may be floor-mounted or a bench-mounted.
5. Sliding Gap-Type Floor-Mounted Engine Lathe :- Most of  its  mecanism is same as floor mounted engine lathe machines.