Visa Cancellation

Published on: Thursday 26 April 2018

There could be many reasons for which your visa can be cancelled by Department of Immigration and Border Protection and mainly the reason behind cancellation of visa is not clearing the character test. The Migration Act 1958 consists the character test defined in section 501 A under which your visa can be cancelled.  There could be following reasons for which you may not be able the clear the character test:
  • If you have been associated with a group or individual involved in any type of criminal activity.
  • If you have strikes about not having good character in the past.
  • If you are suspected for getting engaged in a criminal activity in the near future.

If you have gotten see that DIBP are thinking about cancelling off your visa, or where your visa has just been cancelled, you need to contact COMPANY NAME at earliest possible time so that we could examine your specific conditions in detail. The Department of Border Protection (DIBP) can cancel your visas on various grounds, which can incorporate the following reasons:
  • You have not followed the Visa terms and conditions
  • You have submitted the false reports to the authorities
  • You got a visa based on false information
  • You fail to pass character test

If you have gotten the considering to cancel your visa notification from DIBP then you should contact us on immediate basis in order to stop the cancellation of your visa from occuring. We will check all the aspects and help you find a way to stop the cancellation of your visa. If your visa is cancelled then you should send us an appraisal with regards to the legitimateness of that cancelation and any conceivable alternatives for an audit of this choice.  If you get your visa cancelled then you may not be able to live in Australia for further time and you will be deported to your original country until you get any other type of visa. After you bear the imprisonment conducted to you, you will be deported to your country where you were born. You can appeal for reviving your visa with appropriate reasons about why your visa should not be cancelled and we can help you in this by putting your statement in front of the authorities which are going to revive your visa for you.

If you are living in Australia and you are facing some issues like this then you are at a right place as at COMPANY NAME we have been helping many people. We help them to get out of the visa cancellation problem as our experts file a visa revival application with proper appraisal and all legal documents so that your visa may not get cancelled. COMPANY NAME is here to help you for submitting a proposal of reviewing your Cancelled Visas to the AAT with all considerable facts to stop the cancellation of your visas. Contact us today and get expert advice about visa cancellations.