Immigration services

Published on: Thursday 26 April 2018

Skilled migrations
We provide skilled migration visa services for all individuals who possess some skills needed in a particular country. We have over 189,190,489 successful skilled migrations and the count is going on and on with each passing year. We provide visa services for those individuals who are having skills that are necessary in a particular occupation but they are not sponsored by an employer under our General Skilled Immigration services and we also serve our Employer Sponsored Visa services to those who are sponsored by an employer to work in a particular country.
Skill assessments
Our skills assessment services go through your skills and see if your skills are providing you the right amount of points that will get you visa. If your skills assessment score fails to accumulate enough points then you might not be able to get visa for your desired job. Nevertheless you can get visa according to your skill assessment score and we will let you know which skills are performing well for you and you can obtain a visa for such skills.
Employer nominations
Once you get nominated by an employer for a specific job profile then you must submit your visa application within 6 months of nomination. We are having the right amount of experience to help you in such case. Our experts will collect all necessary documents from you and prepare your visa application for your nominated job.
Tourist visas
Tourist Visa comes under nonimmigrant visas and an individual can get permission to visit a country. You need to fulfill some requirements before applying for tourist visa including keeping good health, having a valid passport and keeping good character. We will help you get a tourist visas for any particular country as our immigration experts have complete knowledge of all requirements and rules of tourist Visas.
Working holiday visas
Working holiday visa is a type of visa in which an individual can travel to a country for one or two years and there he/she will have to work for fix half time of his/her stay in the country. If he/she lives for 1 year then have to work for 6 months and rest 6 months he/she cannot work. So you need to plan before going for this visa. We can help you obtain such visa and we will help you plan your stay in a better way in the country.
Partner visas
Partner visa can be obtained for your partner or your dependent person and a permanent resident of a country can provide a minimum of 2 years sponsored visa for his/her partner to stay in the country where he/she is living. We provide you the best solutions and ways to help you obtain partner visa with minimum expanses.
Parental contributory visas (temporary and permanent)
If you are living abroad and your parents are living here in India then you can obtain Parental Contributory Visa for your parents and they can stay with you. We have helped many individuals to take their parents with them to other countries. Our panel of experts analyzes all aspects and finds a suitable process for you to obtain visa for your parents.
Graduate temporary visas
We can help you obtain Temporary Graduate Visa if you have completed your graduation from Australia. A student can apply for Australia’s Graduate Temporary Visa if he/she has completed his/her graduation from Australian university. We will help you file you Temporary Graduate Visa application so that you could work in Australia.