Cures for Stress and Anxiety

Published on: Monday 6 November 2017
Cures for Stress and Anxiety

There is a Chinese saying that goes something like this: if you can change it you will and if you’re unable to switch it then don’t worry about it. I’m of the belief that it is definitely easier to say this than to do it, however it is certainly practical information and you have to ponder of it as a great way to live. Living life according to the teaching of this saying will support anyone handle the strains and agitation that comes from the garden variety anxiety and stress that plague many folks.
Nevertheless, learning to live this way may take a little practice so here is some direction to naturally help make your tension and pressures a thing of the past. A major step towards relieving anxiousness is to stop thinking destructive thoughts. This first step may appear straightforward. But as mentioned earlier, this isn’t as easy to do as it is to suggest that one does it.
Start slow with this step – take a notebook and write down all the self-destructive thoughts that enter your consciousness in a two hour period. Try to do this in the evening, after your day is through and before you retire for the night. Usually this is the time most people have an inclination to chill after having their last meal. And this is when most people do an overall majority of their thinking.
After you identify the cause of your pressures and anxiousness, it should be much simpler to address it. Spend approximately a week noting your negative ideas, and do this at numerous times of the day for an hour or 2 at a time. This will help you in understanding when you are most susceptible the pressures and agitation that come from negative thoughts.
Some could find this happens in the morning when they are pondering everything they need to do that day. Others could find they have more nervousness and strains from negative thoughts in the evening, after the day is through and they are replaying the day’s events in their mind.
Take a quick look at your negative feelings and research them. As you read your notes, ask this question: am I in a position to do anything to change this? If the answer is a convincing “no,” then go on and forget the issue. If there’s nothing that could be done to change the situation then you shouldn’t fret about it. The pressures and foreboding you are experiencing over thoughts of that negative position are wasted as you cannot contribute to a change, regardless of what you do.
Inversely, if you find a situation you can change then make a plan and make the change. This way the situation can be diffused and your stress, nervousness, and negative feelings can be relieved. Give yourself a little time to make the changes to ease your stress. It’s important to remember that making changes to your present position can take time.
Many things cannot be handled in a very short period of time, including relationship issues and money issues.  So give yourself some time. Also, give yourself time to come up with a resolution. Not only is it difficult to switch things over night, you will need to plan and prepare in order to make the change happen. So go easy on yourself. You don’t need to contribute to your issues by putting stress on yourself about answers to your pointless thoughts and scenarios.
As well as changing your thoughts and your behaviors to manage your anxiety relief there are natural additions on the market which will help you to attain relief. Adding a supplement to your diet could also help you manage self-destructive thoughts, tensions and hysteria. There is clinical research showing there are things that absolutely help with mood, outlook on life, and can offer relief from strains and agitation.

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