4 Plus Points Google+ has over Facebook

Published on: Wednesday 22 November 2017

4 Plus Points Google+ has over Facebook
I’ve been using Google+ for nearly seven days now and there is still quite some distance for it to go before it begins definitely rivalling Facebook. I believe they’ve definitely integrated Google services and products perfectly into a social networks. I sensed there are certainly 4 plus points that Google+ has over it Facebook which might just spark a lot of problems to Facebook over the following couple of months and years.

1. Cash flow without a doubt, Facebook also has a pile of cash but Google has much more than Facebook. Google can without much of a stretch contribute a large portion of a billion us dollars for the next quite a while in Google just to ensure Facebook's develop is kept in check. Facebook doesn't have that kind of investment portfolio and will have to outdo Google+, as it can’t outspend it.

2. No Dependence on other Facebook is dependent upon Skype for strengthening its chat products and services along with having online video conversation via the web browser. This is mutually good for equally Facebook and Skype. Google+ depends upon technological innovation they’ve built with Gmail and Google voice for supporting chatting between Google+ buddies and groups. Google also is the owner of Android, Google TV and Chrome OS which may power a booming social product even more.

3. Standalone products Google+ has been developed much more like a common meeting place for all their own services like Gmail, Chat, Maps, Voice, photo sharing with Picasa and YouTube. This indicates it’s an online social network designed for bringing together various services provided by Google. With Facebook there aren’t any standalone products for online video or images.

4. Search Google has its own internet search engine which every person considers the key source of website traffic for every site. Facebook has some integration with Bing to possess Social Search however the outcomes are not as effective as yet to really get Google worried. But an excellent search feature that are part of Google+ will unquestionably give Facebook much more headaches to deal with. I really don’t mean that Google+ has won fighting against Facebook. Not by a long shot, as only a short time ago Facebook declared it is used by over 750 million users. So how many people use Google+ will ultimately end up deciding its eventual failure or success.

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