Tips to Increase Ranking and Website Traffic

Published on: Tuesday 16 August 2016
Tips to Increase Ranking and Website Traffic

The best practice to rank higher in Google search is creating a website with useful content, services and products.

Add your primary keyword in Title of your page and also try to add the phrases in first 25 words of content of your page. Also optimize your content with genuine keyword entries throughout the content.

Do some research to find the relevant and useful keywords that will bring more traffic to your website.

Keyword must be added in accurate places of webpage incorporating Title, Meta, Headers and Description.

Make your website design simple and user friendly so that users can navigate on your website with and they would be able to find the right products and services on your website.

You must submit your every page of your website to the all available search engines and directories. This is a time consuming task so can ask the SEO Service Providers to do the same for you. But you must sure that the submissions are manual not a robot oriented ones.

Always keep an eye on Google’s changing algorithms so you can alter your website and marketing strategy to always stay up in rankings according to the Algorithmic changes. You can use available online tools to check the performance of your website.

Keep a track of your competitor websites or the websites that are ranked above of yours. Always check that what they are doing and changing in terms of designs, user interface, content and keyword of their websites.

Keep track of your website visitors from where they are coming. You can do so with the help of your hosting company which keeps the track of every individual visitor which comes to your website. They can avail you the data about from where your visitor has come and which term he used to search you.

Attract your customers and let them keep remembering you by giving them additional benefits for visiting your website. Newsletters, coupons and free reports can do wonder in this strategy.

Spread the word about your industry and your products by submitting articles to article directories with the information related to your service expertise. Write a lot of them as these can bring more trust of your clients towards your industry.

In case you are selling products online then you must allow your users to pay through most convenient ways and also provide the safest shipment methods to them.

If you are sure about anything then you must go for professionals. This might be seemed costly but it is far cheaper than the money you spend on a website with no conversions.

Keep changing the looks and features of your web-store. Make it dynamic so that its ever changing looks and attributes will attract more users towards your website and increase your sales.

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Peter working as SEO executive for Machine Dock Machinery House the no.1 Lathe Machine Manufacturer and Exporters in India.