Cottage Garden Design Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

Published on: Tuesday 16 August 2016
Cottage Garden Design Ideas to Add value to Your Home

Who would not want to have a garden right at their own backyard? Though container gardening is the latest craze nowadays, some homes are just plain lucky to have ample yard for gardening. One of the most elaborate Garden design ideas is that of a cottage garden. Once commonplace next to homes, cottage gardens are the very source of freshly cut flowers for the dining and living room table during spring time and summer. Tulips that bloom during winter also make good decorative embellishment to a certain space. But unlike in the olden past where cottage gardens are as illustrious as the stately homes of London, today’s designs are more space-savvy. A small stretch of land on your home’s corner or a small front/back yard space is all it takes to prettify your landscape.

Fluidity is the very essence of cottage gardens or any gardens for that matter. Informal and colorful, the use of plants and flowery blooms arranged harmoniously taking height and season into mind would be a great thought. Try to be practical by scattering herbs or vegetables on some areas where they can be hidden among the canopy of foliage and flowers. Plants such as hollyhocks, foxgloves, snapdragons, peonies, and geraniums with host as and ferns for texture and contrast are good plant options. If you have trellises, use roses or wisteria. Rosemary, dill, sage, thyme, parsley, tomatoes and pepper also make good addition to a cottage garden. Make sure that the latter are planted near your kitchen for easy picking.

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