Drink More Water in Summer

Published on: Monday 2 May 2016

In summer season water intake is very important to stay hydrated. Normally we need to 8-10 glass water to get proper hydration but in summer season with increasing temperature we need more intakes of water. Now the problem is drinking more and more water can be a boring task and many of us may avoid it. So what we should do?

In summer season when we need more water then we should take it in everything. We should eat fruits and green vegetables more to complete the need of water of our body. Drinking more natural fruit juice without added sugar is the best practice. People in summer days use to drink sugar-cane juice more than anything else as this can fill the needs of water and glucose in the body.

Water intakes can be increased with lemon water intakes. I would suggest one and all to drink more lemon water than the plain water as this has many useful qualities to help people stay healthy. Read my last post “Lemon Benefits for Health and Skin”. Other fruits can also be used like oranges.

Bu going out in the Sun we loss water, minerals and vitamin. The Sun soaks glucose and water from our body which make us feel weaker and tired. This tiredness and weakness can be cured by drinking more water. Not all the time we can use fruits or fruit juice so we have to use other substances that are same in nature.

Water is the most necessary ingredient of every dish we eat. So try to make dishes with extra water that can fulfil your need of daily required water intake without drinking more water. The best way to substitute water intake is that we should increase water quantity in other sources.

I hope you would have loved it reading. You can also read How to make water tasty in five ways for more intakes.