5 Things everyone should Know about Life

Published on: Tuesday 3 May 2016

Stop Thinking that someone cares for you

Bought a brand new vehicle? No one would notice. You would get some temporary attraction for next few days and then no one cares about you or your vehicle. You will see some new vehicle owners and you would not care about them so stop thinking that some is cared about you or your life. Everyone is for himself and that’s the fact of life. So never find happiness in others caring for you instead find it by caring yourself. In today’s time only selfish people are happy. Never change yourself or your habits because someone doesn’t like them.

Still some care truly from heart

Some people will get some to care about them but it is not their problems who are cared about. People will care about you what you do and they will follow you. They will tell you that they care for you and will be happy that you care about them caring for you. Whenever you will tell them that you care for what they do for you then they will look into your eyes and there you can see that their whole life is about caring you.

Live life with someone who cares about you

When you find someone like described in second paragraph then you might marry him, be friend with him or work with him. The blessed feelings of being cared about are awesome and no happiness can match the contentment of that. It is the fact that care comes naturally so if someone care about you appreciate them rather testing them if they are true of not.

Money is not everything

Don’t become money minded and stop running after money. I know its important but not that you kill your nature and soul for that. Never let money be on your mind to that level that you think nothing over it and your personality turns into money minded person. A man who worked hard and saved a lots of money by consuming his time more in money making rather than fulfilling his nature’s needs. In the end he died and his money was then used by his wife’s new husband. Think about it. Be smart and active too.

Debts are the real killers in modern life

You might have listened the news about farmer’s suicides because of not returning the debts to banks or any other financial sources. Never get debts on your assets. Sometimes you have to because life is more precious than anything else. In that case never think of the debts you are unable to clear. Just think of that you have saved a life or at least tried to save one. There are many reasons for getting debts but before getting debts from any source make sure that you have sources to repay it back. In any case in you are unable to return the debt suicide is never the way to go. Never run from problems as they can run faster than you. Just stay strong against them as they can never stand as long as you can stand.