Gender Reassignmnet

Published on: Sunday 3 April 2016

Gender Reassignment surgery allow people to have the body of their own wish by helping them transform gender with physique looks and redesign the body parts of humans. This is one of the best medical treatments to curate desired body structure according to your wish. Thailand is the most famous for this type treatment including some general methods of cures like massage, spas and also surgical treatments which includes laser and cosmetic methods of reassigning the body. Thailand is well known for its medical tourism as it delivers the best and leading treatment for pre and post treatment holidays.

Now come to gender reassignment, Thailand is the most known place for this as it is the best in quality and safety and above of all it is the most affordable is cost. Not having the body which you desire can take you to the depression and there is nothing smartness in living in depression when you can reassign your body as per your desire. There are many centers in the world available where gender redevelopment is done and they also help recover after such operations.

Many men in Thailand have reassigned their body to get the gender of female they ever wanted to become. Just like the same many women have reassigned their gender to transform themselves in men. The cost varies for both types of gender reassignment. Reassigning from female to male is more costly than the reassigning from male to female. The cheapest place for this is Thailand where male to female reassignment costs nearly ten thousand dollars and female to male reassignment costs nearly about twenty thousand dollars.

The process is not a miracle but it is the medical blessing. I am not against it as everyone has the right to be the one who he/she wants to be. But God have given us this life and this body and we should accept this as it comes to us. But nevertheless these are just my views and I may be wrong in some eyes. This is just like once we lost our hair we get hair transplant and that is also a medical treatment. So it is not that way that medical treatment is wrong. Choose the best for yourselves.