Young vs Old leaders

Published on: Thursday 3 March 2016
Older vs. younger leaders

Today in 21st century, there are more opportunities are for youngsters but some people say it would be best to offer high position authorities to elders since old people have much life experience and enough knowledge to deal with complex situations happening in the different parts of the country.  Also they have great sense of taking responsibilities. While others say youth have the equal right to do any job or can lead others. However, it does not prove that young people can’t be a good leader to handle challenges in their work because there are countries where young population dominates. Also young people are believed to be more deserving since they have knowledge, skills, creativity and courage that can contribute to the country’s growth.

I strongly believe the successful leader is the one regardless of age who focus on personal consequences of the taken decisions and take actions accordingly in favor of achieving goals. Hence individuals can be chosen beyond their age, it doesn’t guaranteed success or failure, although the experience can diminish the risk of plan or policy’s unsuccessful. Better to take all points into considerations including potential, passion, competency, character, track record, leadership experience, heart, intelligence and other such.