Google Adwords is Killing Seo forever

Published on: Thursday 3 March 2016
Google Adwords is Killing Seo forever

By doing all the hard work I bring my website top on Google rankings but still no clicks on it. No business leads even no traffic is being obtained by my website from Google searches. What I come through is that people search a specific keyword and they find Adwords promoted ads above the regular results and they click on them rather choosing the websites that have earned the place on top of Google rankings. All the traffic and business opportunities are thrown away to those who are paying for adwords for specific keyword searches. Now what one should do who have worked so hard to be on the top and when on the top is still feeling like all gone in vain.

One should be paid for what one did to be on the top but it is happening in reverse order. The one who pays get the work. Not against any service or promotion strategy of any search engine but want to know where we seo stand. Are we going to be jobless sooner or later? If Google or any search engine keeps doing partiality with top ranking sites then what is the benefit of doing seo?

What I think Google should allow adwords but below search results. Hope this article goes to them and they must understand that one of their top earning resources is killing many seo jobs throughout the world. Should we stop the work as even we bring our websites on top there is no work for our clients and how will they pay us if they don’t earn at all.

Hey Google I must consider one more thing here, it is you who might be encouraging spamming methods and black hat methods to get more and more business as the legit way of getting business leads has been struck away by your Google adwords.