Natural Hair Straightening Tips

Published on: Tuesday 23 February 2016
How to Straight Hair Naturally?

Straightening hair at home naturally

At home you can easily straight your hair without any use of any heated instruments or harsh chemicals not good for hair health.

Hereby some effective solution of straightening hair with eases using the things in the kitchen. Such as lemon plus coconut milk act as a good cream conditioner that aid in straighten your hair. Apply the mix to apply it and wash your hair with lukewarm water. Following are the few remedies for you:

Mixture of 2 bananas+2 teaspoons of honey+2 teaspoons of yogurt+2 teaspoons of olive oil will also help with it and cover your head with a shower cap then wash your hair with cold water after leaving it for 30 minutes.

Next remedy is to massage your scalp with a mix of 2 eggs with olive oil.  Keep it for about an hour and rinse your hair after that.

Vinegar is the ingredient that makes hair smooth and shiny. Rinse your hair after with a mug of water mixed with a few drops of vinegar and at end r with cold water.

Other best methods are like keep constant brushing your hair until it dries.

One cup of whole milk or coconut milk with one teaspoon of honey might help your hair become straight. You can also add 2 teaspoons of olive oil and 5 teaspoons of lemon juice.