Animal Testing is unethical activity

Published on: Friday 26 February 2016
 Scientists experimenting with animals

Many studies have published in journal show and claim that animal experimentation is relevant to human health that also helps to contribute to more advancement. Scientists say it is to the safe and effective to perform test of new drugs on animals otherwise they‘d have to test on humans which could be risky. Research is to cure people from certain diseases like cancer which is the horrible disease that many people suffering from. This is the reason why animal testing contribute to new life saving cures. The experimentation really aid to contribute to major advances and helps to understand the finding treatments for conditions like brain injury, breast cancer, malaria, tuberculosis, polio and so on. Animals are experimented as they are similar to humans in many ways. They have same set of organs as human beings including kidneys, lungs, heart etc. and susceptible to see health issues as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. If vaccines were not tested on animals themselves, there would not any remedy to rabies, tetanus and such more hence also benefit to save millions of animals treated humanely. Rats and mice are particularly used in laboratories to study as they have short lifespan.

Moreover the test on animals is to ensure the safety of so cosmetics and health care products or ingredients. Therefore, Animals are used to develop treatments and assure the toxicity of drugs and products used by humans for commercial or health care uses. Many say it is inhumane to use animals to study which is painful and cruel.  Mice, fish, rats and birdsare used in research covers 95% of animals vulnerable to abuse and mistreatment. Certain things as eyeliners and hand soap are come at the expense of poor animals. Further drugs that are tested on animals are not necessarily safe.  Meanwhile most experiments are flawed in research laboratories and wasted the animal’s lives during painful experiments. There is no proof of making major medical advancements but other solutions would be invented. Scientists say they do not want to use animals, but they do not have any other alternatives to study diseases. It is concluded that be board-certified to research on animals.