The best way to use bookmarking sites

Published on: Wednesday 6 January 2016

How to do Bookmarking in right way?

The best way to use bookmarking sites is an issue for all webmaster and seo professionals. Here we bring the best suited method for you to use bookmarking sites with best possible results. First of all let’s start with choosing the right bookmarking sites for us. I would suggest you to choose those bookmarking sites which have high pr, allow links in profile and profile is dofollow. Now register on any of these sites and fill your home page and social links in profile fields. It will help you in long run. I am going to tell you how it will help.

When you have registered then submit a link in bookmarking site. It will create a link back to your website. Now the real trick begins here. Just vote up other links submitted by other users and it will create your profile link in those urls which you have just voted up. Now if your profile is dofollow then it will be crawled every time the urls are crawled of that website. In this way your social profiles are also crawled and visited by Google bots and your backlinks are increased just for voting up other stories.

The motive of this post is to make everyone aware of this high quality link building opportunity be being active at these type of bookmarking sites. Please add bookmarking sites in comments which are providing the same features as told in this post above. Help others to get involved in this post.
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