Another Shameful Terrorist Attack

Published on: Friday 1 January 2016
One more shameful terrorist attack has been occurred late-night in Pathankot Airways area. The news said that 4-5 attackers have entered the army base camp at Pathankot and try to hijack the place. The Indian military fights back and a fierce gun battle took place. After the long 5 hour battle all four terrorists were killed and the battle ends there. But is the battle ended here. No these type of shameful attacks are increasing day by day. The terrorists are so fearless because they are not getting right amount of punishment for their acts. Many innocents were killed till date now in these type of attacks and it is for what, its nothing.
Battle still continuous……..

There has been new addition to the news that there have been seven terrorists and three are still in the base camp and the fight is still on. I wonder what they will get from this. It is just a shameful attack of some impotent persons. I am sorry for my language but they deserve this.