5 Unique Approaches to Make Thick Hair Flat for Guys

Published on: Wednesday 27 December 2017
5 Unique Approaches to Make Thick Hair Flat for Guys

There are many ways to make thick hair flat for guys. For instance, you can use creams and styling gels, trim hair, consult your hair stylist, use a cap, or maintain some length. Are you having problems with thick, uncontrollable hair that just does not want to be tamed down? The reality is there are plenty of ideas to go around this situation and, with the appropriate equipment and the right advice, you simply might be able to tame down your hair into some semblance of decorum. Here’s the way:

Apply creams as well as hair styling gels: One of the most effective ways to tame down thick, unpleasant  hair without needing to undergo any drastic  changes will be to use hair styling gels or perhaps creams to keep hair tidy and make it  remain the way you like it to. If you are not a fan of gels and styling creams, you may opt to go by natural means with Argan oil, essential olive oil or other hair essential oils that are chemical-free and might work out as a superior remedy for long-term usage. Nonetheless, for actually stubborn hair, you may need to rub a bit of hair wax to the ends of your hair to get it into condition before running a comb through it. It is usually easier if you style hair when it is slightly damp than waiting for it to dry up into a frizzy mess prior to styling it.

Trim your hair: Thick hair tends to look messy if it is left uncut for very long periods of time compared to people who have thinner hair.  Consequently, it is best to have your hair cut every six to eight weeks in order to keep it neat and nice. You would be amazed how, sometimes, just a simple trim could do miracles to improve your overall style and the way hair falls and looks.

Speak to your hairstylist: The best individual to talk when it comes to issues such as these would without doubt be your hairdresser. Talk to her or him about the complications that you are facing or the concerns annoying you. For thick hair, it’s best that you have a layered cut in order to tame down or thin your hair. You’re actually really fortunate to have so much hair because it is really much easier to work with thick hair as compared to trying to style something out of someone with thin hair. As long as you find a hairdresser you’re comfortable with, you’ll be in good hands.

Make use of a cap: In some cases, there are those times in which there is certainly no way to tame your hair into a semblance of order. These are the days that are really great for utilizing a cap to hide your shock of hair. Although this depends on your lifestyle, putting on a cap is the perfect way to appear neat yet casual at the same time.

Maintain some length: Another way to fight untidy, unmanageable hair is to keep some length to it, so the weight of your hair will pull it down making it flatter. This will go great with individuals having sharper features or those who are tall enough to carry off this particular hair style. In fact, if your hair gets longer, you could tie it back into a sleek ponytail for a superior, stylish look that is neat and trim simultaneously.

Thick hair is not that much of a headache if you know the means to style it. Choose a flattering cut that will bring out your features and suit your lifestyle.

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