Auto Blogging Service for Search Engine Marketing by Pardeep SEO

Published on: Tuesday 24 October 2017

Auto Blogging Service

The auto blog service is the next step in the evolution of the blog/ping process.  It allows anyone looking to produce more income from their niche sites to produce many more sites without having to spend any time blogging.
This product was created to decrease the amount of time that an actual person has to spend performing the blog/ping function without losing the results it produces. The service will create the blog and make sure it has the correct settings.
The service will rotate through a list of all of the links to your site instead of just a few (dramatically increases the amount of pages indexed.) Will post relevant content to your blog in regular intervals throughout each day.
Once you subscribe to this service, you can have it work for as many blogs as you want. Every time you create a new site, submit it to us via our form and it will be added to your account within 24 hours.
The service will update yahoo after each post.
By purchasing this service, you will be able to dramatically increase your individual site performance via the search engines. The auto blog service was designed for those internet marketers who want to realize the benefits of blog/ping and would like to use it on multiple sites simultaneously.
After purchasing this service, you can fully concentrate on creating new websites as often as possible and still reap the benefits of the blog/ping process.
The service includes 60 blog posts related to your niche with 2 posts each day on a custom web 2.0 site. We will share those posts everywhere on the web including social media sites, bookmarking and many more. Pardeep SEO charge only $75 for this service which is payable through paypal.

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