5 Type of Most Popular Body Massages

Published on: Tuesday 16 May 2017
5 Type of Most Popular Body Massages
There are different ways to relax human body and body massage is the most popular method to rejuvenate human body and soul. Body massage is considered to be the simplest and the oldest therapy to treat discomfort and joint pain. There are different type of body massages and each massage has their own technique to be applied. Some of the massages has to be performed carefully with your fingers but some require deep massaging work. The therapist start body massage in a relaxed way and after that they do the massage in different kind of rhythm, speed and pressure according to the type of massage that you have chosen. Regular body massage strengthen the entire mechanism of human body. Body massage provide great relief for those people who have excess tension and stress. A good massage benefit the person mentally and spiritually. There are different type of body massage that relax your body and five most popular body massages are given below.

Aromatherapy Massage:

In this body massage essential oils are used to massage the body and these essential oils are scented. The  fragrance of the scented oil will relax the human body in an effective way. The therapist select the essential oil that reduce stress and energizes the body. Lavender is the common essential oil used by most of the therapist for Aromatherapy Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage is been done directly to the body muscles and the tissues. This massage effect different layers of muscles and the massaging is been done slowly over the body. This massage is good for those people who are suffering from continuous strain and with painful muscles. This massage are more effective for those people who want to recover quickly from injuries.

Back Massage:

This massage is basically performed in spas and Ayurveda massage center and the therapist do massage on the back of the body. This massage is done with in thirty minutes and back massage is good for those people who are having back pain and neck pain.

Sports Massage:

Sports massage is been done particularly on those people who are involved in physical activity. This massage benefits professional athletes and relax their muscles and whole body.


Reflexology is a popular foot massage. The therapist applies pressure on certain part of our feet and hand that will start corresponding to other parts of our body. This massage provides comfort and relax the whole body.

Swedish Massage:

Swedish massage is a common therapy in America. The therapist uses massage oil or lotion over the muscles and this will reduce tension and pain. This massage can be effective for those people who are suffering from head ache and migraine problem.