3 Easy Steps to Long Term Weight Loss

Published on: Thursday 13 April 2017
3 Easy Steps to Long Term Weight Loss

The process of losing weight is easy to understand. It's not rocket science by any means. The difficult thing about weight loss is the mental commitment it takes to break habits and to resist food as a source of comfort for other emotional distresses. The problem with eating as an escape from life's problems is that it causes more problems. You’re being overweight and wanting to change is proof of that.

There is a basic unit of measurement that is more important than kilograms or pounds when it comes to successful weight loss. This is called the calorie. Calories are the measure of energy input and output as it applies to your body. Weight loss, therefore, is simply a matter of putting the calorie equation into deficit. That is, you are taking in less calories than you are putting out.

The first step you need to take in your long term weight loss journey is understanding calories. It's essential that you begin to be able to estimate how many calories you're eating at each meal and how many calories you can save from food alternatives. You also must appreciate how much activity or exercise it takes to burn calories. Once you begin to take the calorie equation on board in your everyday life you'll begin to be able to make choices that will lead to more consistent weight loss.

The second easy step to long term weight loss is lowering your calorie intake. You do this be eating less fatty and sugary foods primarily, though carbohydrate rich foods should also be considered. By making small changes at first you are going to put yourself on track to long term weight loss. Switch to diet and low fat and stop getting takeout food before you do anything else.

The final easy step to long term weight loss is to increase your physical activity. This doesn't have to mean exercise. You can join a gym if you want to, but just as effective is going for more walks, playing a sport or taking up dancing. Even playing table tennis is effective at burning fat. You don't have to sweat and ache to reach your long term goals.

Follow these three easy steps and you will start to lose weight. It's a science that is easy to understand and once you realize that what's involved isn't hard you'll begin to develop the discipline to succeed with the mental side of motivation. The more you work at it the easier it gets.