5 Tips to Book Right Domain Name for your Business

Published on: Friday 10 June 2016

Everyone may have thought about purchasing a domain name before purchasing them in reality. Sometimes people purchase a catchy name that doesn’t go with the image and business of a buyer. So everyone needs to purchase a domain name that project one’s business and products in right manner. Here are some tips for you to choose right domain name for your business.

Extension of the domain name tells a lot about the business and its target area too. A domain name with .co.in extension would be likely to target Indian economy and it tells everyone that enterprise related to this domain name is operating in India. Same goes with other extensions like .co.uk for UK, .ca for Canada and so on. So one must register a domain name with suitable extension, which can convey your messages to everyone on the web about you are targeting a specific group of people.

There are many scam websites available online which are providing domain names and once you make a brand with that domain name they just cancel your authorship of the domain and that can go very wrong for your business. So the point is that you should purchase a domain name from a legit and reputable registrar. Before purchasing a domain do a research about the domain seller from which you are going to buy your domain.

Keyword rich domains are easily ranked for a specific keyword. If your domain is like myexample.com then it is likely to be ranked well for the keyword My Example. Don’t always go for keyword rich domains if you are going to build a brand name then choose a brand name related domain name for your website or business.

Choose a short domain if possible. Short names are easily remembered by most of the individuals and people don’t need to write down them as they can remember them verbally. Longer names might rank earlier but they have low brand value with them. Use initials of your enterprise while selecting short name for your business or website.

Never register a trademark name by other business as it can go against the law and even if you don’t do anything illegal you still would be convicted for trademark infringement. Don’t try to play off an existing business name rather build your own new brand which will pay you in long run.