Virat Kohli Overcome his weakness

Published on: Thursday 19 May 2016

In recent times Virat Kohli is going through a dream run of best batting performances. He has become the backbone of Indian batting order and playing for Royal Challengers Banglore in IPL, he has become the main pillar to take the team to peak of glory. No doubt he is awesome player and on his day he can destroy any bowling attack but as you know nothing is perfect and he too has some weakness on which a rival player or team can capitalize.

One of his biggest weakness is that he is short tempered and for a young dominating player, it’s a common thing. But this can lead him to lose his wicket by playing rash shot. He can manufacture strokes at will and none better than AB Devilliers and him who can play Yorker balls to that much ease. I remember many instances when he got out just because of his temper and now he is learning to control it and use it in his own favour. Maturity in his game can be seen in these days and if he keep playing like this then there may me every chance of his getting close to the records set by Sachin Tendulkar (God of Cricket).

You may have seen Virat Kohli saying something in anger on the field and we all know what he said on those numerous occasions when he is angry with Umpire, players and also with himself. But now you can rarely see those abusive language from him. I like the way he is controlling his emotions now. Yes he gets angry but he control it now and answer it in his game.

There was a time when he was playing well yet unable to finish the game for India but now he is coming not out more often than earlier times. I love the way he is playing now. He understand his value for team for which he is playing.. He knows that he has to play well for his country not for any individual. I salute this player of cricket. If Sachin Tendulkar is God of cricket then this boy is not less than any Prince of Indian Cricket. May God give him more and more strength to face the odds coming in his way and he fight with them and overcome again and again.

Proud to be a Fan of Virat Kohli