Temporary Tattoos can also have harmful Allergic effects

Published on: Thursday 5 May 2016

Black Henna tattoo ink generally contains two ingredients in it. One is henna which is by far the safe plant pigment that houses the reddish-brown color and other part is a chemical which is named as PPD. This is a textile dye that is added to the ink for making your tattoo last longer and dry faster. PPD is a substance which causes an allergic reaction when it makes contact with human skin. It develops the itchy rashes around the tattoo area that are the symptoms of allergy. This chemical can cause more allergic problems to the skin of children as their skin is relatively softer than adults. Soft skin adapts the allergy quicker than adult’s skin.

PPD can be mixed in various quantities in black henna ink. It can go up to 30% of the total mixture which is very high. The quantity of 6% of PPD is allowed in hair dyes and that causes lots of allergic symptoms to human skin, then think how much it can harm your skin with black henna ink. These tattoos are totally unsafe for your skin. Many people have suffered from allergic diseases due to these tattoos.

People might think that these are the temporary tattoos and they might not have side effects on their skin. But this is not right. It is not necessary that a temporary tattoo will not have harmful effects on your skin. You may have seen many cases in the past about the allergic symptoms of tattoos. They are because of PPD chemical that has been used in black henna in huge quantity.

Not against the tattoos but I would suggest the tattoo artists that they may not use the PPD or anything like that in black henna for making it work faster that can harm the skin of your customers. It is a fun game to have temporary tattoo and never make it serious danger by adding such harmful chemicals in Tattoo inks.