Hair Transplant Cost Factors

Published on: Monday 25 April 2016

Hair Transplant cost in India is cheaper than the hair transplant cost in any other part of the world. One can search for the best hair transplant doctor in India who can assure you for better results at cheapest available cost in India. People who are suffering from hair loss might have considered the hair transplant cost in India. The exact cost of hair treatment is quite a headache to find out as there are many factors which play great role I n determining the cost of hair transplant in India.

 Factors affecting the cost of hair transplant in India

How many Hair Grafts are to be transplanted:

Hair Transplant cost is heavily depended on the number of hair grafts which are needed tofor transplantation. When one needs more and more hair grafts for bald scalp then the cost is automatically increased with growing number of hair grafts. I n most cases hair transplant doctors suggest the cost of hair transplant according to the number of hair grafts. The person who requires more haifr grafts will have to pay more. But there is also some top class hair transplant doctors who provide discounts and that can be availed to save a lots of money.

 Surgical Procedure:

By medical and science development various hair loss treating methods have been developed throughout the last decade. The most used and latest techniques are mini grafts, Follicular Extraction Unit, DHT, Scalp Expansion and flaps. These techniques are performed differently and cost also varies for these treatments. Latest techniques are more safe and costly than the older ones.

 Residence of Doctor:

Everyone knows that cost of living is different in various parts of the world so it is quite possible that surgeons may ask for different prices throughout the world. It is common that cost would be higher in those area where cost of living is higher and hair transplant cost would be rather less where cost of living is less.

For example Hair Transplant Cost in Ludhiana and HairTransplant Cost in Punjab is less than the cost of hair transplant in rest of the world.

Surgeon’s Reputation:

Reputation of the surgeon also affects the cost of hair transplant. The top rated hair transplant surgeons would charge you bit higher than the others in India but you would not mind that as their service qulaity is by far the best in the world. But still in India you will find the best quality hair transplant services at lower rates than the other parts of the world.

 Find an expert and affordable surgeon

A little research is needed to get the best hair transplant doctor in India at reasonable cost. You should visit their websites and ask for quotes. Discuss about them in forums where you can get valuable opinions of various people. Tell the doctor about your medical history and before receiving hair transplant services of a surgeon never forget to know his/her background in the medical field.