Women's day: Respect Every Woman

Published on: Monday 7 March 2016

Women: The word which houses the whole world in itself. In this world women are dominating each field whether it is belonged to industry, entertainment, politics, leadership, etc. What we see today is not the scenario before 2-3 decades earlier where women were forced to stay at home and they even didn't get the generous behaviour from men and men have always targeted her for his needs and anger. But the time passes and women are now educated and they can think about themselves what they want to do or not. They are not a miniature anymore which was just a thing for men to play with it. They always deserve the respect and now they have earned it by fighting hard throughout the last two centuries. It all starts from Rani Laxmi Bai who was the first lady leader of a force. She single handedly fought with the British and set the example for every woman that if she could fight for her rights then why not others can do the same.

Still somewhere some women are facing the problems which she should not bear and should raise a voice against that but she is quite just because of our traditions and ethics are not allowing her to bring herself out to the world. It doesn’t mean she is weak in any case she is just allowing the men to understand by him, because if she takes the charge no one can even beat her. There are many stories indexed in the history where women have alone done the incredible things which no one could have ever imagined. It is she who underestimates herself, but no one should underestimate her power.

The mentality of majority of men is still cheap about the women and they think she is just a playing thing for them and they torture women. They knowingly or unknowingly interrupt the growth of women by eve teasing, female foeticide, acid attacks, sexual harassments, etc. Man should understand now that the fighting spirit of a woman can never be killed. She will overcome any challenge thrown at her and will bring the best of best results out of her actions.

This women’s day I am thanking all my sisters and mothers, who have bring us in this world and apologizing on behalf of every man who have ever hurt a lady. There is still a lot to do. You be the change and I am always with you.