Right Way of Doing Things

Published on: Wednesday 3 February 2016

There are minimum two ways available for every work to do. One is supposed to be the best one and the other is the most used one. Now you might be thinking what I am writing about. I am writing about the choosing method of doing things in our daily routine. It can be simplified in examples:

Yesterday when I was returning home from office in and auto I was sitting with driver on conductor seat. Suddenly a bike rider passed from wrong side and the driver of auto in which I was sitting started abusing that bike rider boy. He had even said that this rider will surely die today and he cursed him so. But from my heart a prayer came out that may God give him the power to think about his doings and let him safely reach to his destination. On the course of reaching home I saw that bike rider and called him. I asked him to ride slowly and he said he will. Now if I start abusing him he would have quarreled with me.

The main aim of me writing away this blog post is to tell about that sentence which I have used earlier that one way is the best one and other is the most used one. We should not abuse someone, rather than we can stop them doing wrong. We are abusing them on their back and in front of them we sometimes praise them for riding so fast. It is not good for us and not good for the society. Believe me or not but most of us do the most used one way of work. They who don’t do this they only think about doing the best one way.

It is not only about the traffic or anything specific but it is about our nature and it is required to be changed to good. I might have done the same many times but at least I am trying to do the best way work rather than doing it with the most used way. Just bring the best out of you and you will see the world changing for you. I am not saying that one should become Mahatma or something like that. But we can try to be good in reality not in fake. Give it a try, it might be difficult but not impossible.