Hair Transplant Cost in India

Published on: Wednesday 17 February 2016

Hair transplant costis so low in India which assures to give the best treatment. It seems grafting rate is much higher to avail the services but it is not like that. The cost of transplantation depends upon the grafting rate and methods used for the surgery. There are clinics/hospitals in India offering the service at the most reasonable per graft facility using the FUE transplantation.  Many give discounts or offers on every procedure.
 Hair follicles per graft mostly cost between 25 to 40 rupees. Cost also relies on the area of the baldness for which it nearly cost 50000 to 1 Lakh rupees.
But it is recommended to take consideration of your talented or skilled physician. The technique is significant for those at just at age of 30 or above as with the passage of time the hair started to fall at this age. By having the treatment of restoration you can get back your teenage younger looks and great gentleman personality at your job.  Take few days in advance for consultation before the inception of the treatment and ensure the cost of the total treatment for you. Consultation will charge you because the surgeon will inspect your hair status for thereafter procedure. Surgeons are skilled at the most advanced technique.

Hair transplant is really important for one with baldness or hair loss problem as your looks matters for your confidence and social standing. If you look more than your actual age then it has become better for you to take the cure.  Get the natural and normal best solution from the experienced doctor in your location. In India today there are many clinics that avail this service in the modern method. They charge as per number of grafts-follicular unit basis. It is possible to grow 250 hairs from 100 grafts on an average.  The hair loss could be because of number of reasons. Better to visit your specialized hair surgeon to scrutinize the problem thoroughly and tell you your current hair condition. The cost will be high if you need good volume of hair on your head. Doctor will tell you about restoration sessions you require for your condition. The cost also varies with the quality of available donor hair. But the cost in India is much low than in other countries like UK and US from where patients travelled to India for the affordable service. Also the doctors here are so talented in the field. The low cost of fees and cost per graft made them to come to India at the same talent. The procedure to be followed for a patient based on his/her desired hair length, scarring consideration and cause of hair loss. Hair transplant give you’re the real look that keep growing as natural hair. Doctor will evaluate your hair scalp to decide the sort of hairline that you wish for. Do your research about the surgeon who will operate and ask for before and after patient’s photos.