Search Engine Optimization

Published on: Saturday 29 August 2015
Success Mantras in SEO Search engine optimization is very tough work to do. We the SEOs do hard work, late night shifts and other toughest works to get up in search results. Sometimes we do succeed in it but as Google updates its algorithms we are again thrown back to the first step. It is very hard job. Well you all seo experts know it already. Now the question is what the success mantra is for Seo. Many of us say that quality content brings the websites up in rankings. If it is true then we could not have our jobs or we could be content writers. Link building is the main process to rank better in search engine results. The thing is what is less listened is less spoken and what is less spoken that is less popular. So link building is the word what we spread on the web world to tell about a website. Then if users like our content they will share it means they will speak about it. Automatically it will become popular. So it is obvious that we will spread the word about our content or website everywhere. That is where we get wrong. The content will be liked by those who are interested and are in need of that information that is available on our blog or website. The more traffic our website receives the more Google will count it. It is not us who bring the websites up in rankings but it is the users who like our content and then share it on the web. If one person tells you about something that is not going to affect your thinking much but if something same are told by many others too you will like to know more about it and you will also tell others about it. Same like this when various websites tell Google about our links then Google try to know more about us and also when users search the same keywords which are pointing to the information on our webpage Google will let them know about our website. So conclusion is that SEO success mantra is not only the quality content but the effective and quality link building process is must for this. Do not spam and try to be unique in every way. Google loves the unique things that are new on web. Try to become the first rather than copying something from internet and trim it for your use. I am still new in this field and looking for some great advice from the greats of SEO.

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