The Largest City of California:-City of Dreams Los Angles

Published on: Friday 20 June 2014
The largest city in California by population is Los Angles. Los Angeles is located in southern California, on the Pacific Coast. Los Angeles was first settled by the Spanish in the eighteenth century. It is also known as its initials L.A. It was founded in 1781. In the twentieth century it grew to be the second largest city in the United States. It is a dream city because of sunny climate, beautiful beaches and entertainment industry. Los Angeles is famous for its crowd and for the labyrinthine freeway system which offers to the people that they can enter into the city through multiple east-west and north-south routes. In the Los Angles, the airport Los Angeles International Airport, which is also known as LA is the world's third busiest airport. The population of Los Angles is 3,449,000. In the Ethnic composition 75.7% are white 14% black and 9.8% Asian/Pacific Islander. Los Angeles Times is the largest newspaper here. In the municipal government of Los Angles There are 15 members and one mayor in council. Both are elected for four years. In the United States Los Angles is top-ranked manufacturing city which produce various items like aircraft and aircraft equipment, women's apparel, gas transmissions and distribution equipment, games and toys and many more. Economy of Los Angles is high because of the manufacturing, government, financial service industries, transportation, utilities and construction. The entertainment and tourism industries also contribute significantly to the economy. In Los Angeles glamorous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is popular for shopping. There are 420 elementary schools, 72 middle schools and 49 senior high schools in Los angles. Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Southern California (USC) are the largest higher education institutions. Griffith Park is one of the nation's and the world's largest municipal parks.

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