Milpitas a best place for a comfortable stay

Published on: Friday 20 June 2014

The Spanish meaning of Milpitas is little cornfields. Milpitas is located at the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay in Santa Clara County. Until the mid-20th century primarily it was a farming and livestock community .Because of the development of this city It experienced massive residential and shopping development. From the time period of 1970 to 21st century its population increased tenfold. It is 7 miles away from the north of San Jose. Its resident population is 70,817. Sunnyvale and Fremont are its neighbor cities. Nowadays Milpitas is very rich city. The average income of household is $98,979. There are quality schools, conveniently located neighborhood parks and shopping centers in the Milpitas. It has high-tech corporations, including Solectron Corporation, Seagate Technology, Lifescan, Inc. and many others. Milpitas is also called as the Crossroads of Silicon Valley. The mainly attraction of this city is great mall which has 180 outlet stores, several full-service restaurants, a food court and entertainment facilities. Milpitas is an affluent and well-educated community. There are Thirty-one community parks in Milpitas. Transportation in Milpitas is awesome. Here you can get timely private and public transport at cheaper prices. The City provides cultural arts and theater, sports leagues and activities, youth programming and senior activities and services. There are also plenty of attractions to enjoy like San Jose Historical Museum, Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose, Tech Museum of Science & Innovation and many more.

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