Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph San Jose:- Religious And AdmirablePlace For Its Beauty

Published on: Thursday 26 June 2014
A large Roman Catholic church, The Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph which is located in Downtown San Jose. Originally It was called San Jose de Guadalupe. It was built in 1803. The original building of church was damaged  by earthquakes in year  1818 and 1822. The Construction of new adobe church was started in  year 1835 and completed in  1846. Second church was also damaged by  earthquake in 1868. Third one was damaged by fire. Then forth church was constructed temporary.Current church is fifth church which is dedicated  by Joseph Aleman. This church is  listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a California Historical Landmark. It is h is one of the most beautiful Catholic Church.Beautiful  art work is starting from the ceiling to walls.The church has plenty of art, which includes sculpture,  the  Stations of the Cross, paintings and stained glass windows and many more.

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